Work Experience UK

The Professional English Programme is specially designed for those who want to combine a course of study(trainee courses) with an internship or period of paid work experience. It is open to all nationalities and is suitable for students with intermediate level by the time they are about to commence their placement. The course element is structured around learning valuable employment skills.


General goals of each Work Experience's programme are:

  • achieving valuable work experiences inside the UK Companies,
  • increasing employmnet opportunities in Europe.
  • increasing student knowledges over an international culture.
  • improving English language skills inside a professional environment where acquired language abilities are different to those obtained in educational environment.
  • participating to professional programmes up to 37 weeks in UK
  • obtaining the NCFE certificate- Intermediate Employment Skills Qualification

Work Experience offers you the possibility of choosing over the two types of programs, depending on your English language level : Professional English Programme and Advance Professional English Programme.

Professional English Programme is called a "sandwich course" because it starts and finishes in the school with a period of work experience in the middle. During the academic aspect of the course, students will receive guidance into the key areas below:

1) Self assessment and career development

2) Job search skills

3) Job application skills

4) Interview skills (preparing for and attending interviews)

The programme is accredited by a nationally recognised examination body, NCFE, and successful completion will lead to a Intermediate Qualification in Employment Skills. Placements are arranged in areas(all over the UK)suitable to students educational background. Students can work towards the UCLES work experience certification (optional).

Participating conditions:

  • student or gradute over 18 years old
  • intermediary level of english
  • adaptable, flexible,sociable,responsable

Professional English Options:

I Option: 2 weeks study, 16 weeks vocational placement, 1 week study

II Option: 2 weeks study, 24 weeks vocational placement, 1 week study

III Option: 2 weeks study, 34 weeks vocational placement, 1 week study

Programme starting date: every two weeks

Please take 3 weeks before choosing the starting date (from the enrollment date, programme taxe paid to programme starting date)

Courses locations:

Participants can choose the location of their courses between : London, Eastbourne, Salisbury

During the courses weeks students will be informed over their working placement/job position in UK. After completing the course in one of TWIN Centres in London, Salisbury or Eastbourne, trainees will travel to their final destination (anywhere in the UK)

There are two placement options:

  • Anglo Training - Paid work in hotels (ALL OVER THE UK). Hospitality and catering placements: Bar assistants,Waiters, Restaurant assistants,House keeping,Kitchen porters,Porters,Catering assistants - in fast food restaurants,Night porters,Ride operators/ticket sellers/shop assistants/security guards - theme parks.They will work in hotels full time (about 40 hours per week). The hotel will provide accommodation, meals and a wage correspondent to L.5.35 (above 22 years of age) and L.4.65 (below): from this wage, there will be deductions for accommodation / meals resulting in around L30-50 per week Tax will also be deducted (22%) However this can be retrieved upon returning to you home country.
  • Unpaid placements: participants support their accommodation expanses during working period.Areas of Work: Marketing & Sales, Engineering, Travel & Tourism, Hotel & Catering, Finance & Accounting, Insurance, PR & Advertising, Law, International Trade, Human Resources, Administration & Secretarial, Media. Don't forget to attached your CV to the application form to find the proper placement for you.

The applicants can start working only after the have obtained the BR1 Yellow Card. You can find and fill the Application forms necessary to apply for the Yellow Card at the following link The Application Forms must be presented to our partner on the first day of the course. The applicants can mail the Application Forms or can request a personal meeting with an Home Office person. The Application Forms processing can take between 4 and 21 working days from the submitted date. The Work Experience company is not responsible for any delay appears in sending/receiving documents to/from Home Office. Work Experience is not responsible for any expenses appeared because of documents delay!

The applicants enrolled in PEP and APEP are responsible to have with them enough money to sustain their stay until they will get the Yellow Card and cover the first month expenses until the first salary.

The applicants enrolled in PEP - Action for Employment must have with them enough money to cover the period of study, the period until the issuance of Yellow Card, the accommodation during the placement period. They are also responsible to find their own housing and pay the rent one month up front. We suggest for that an amount of 700-800 GBP.

NEW. Cheap Residential Accomodation in STRATFORD

Self-catering residential accommodation for individuals and groups close to Central London. Fantastic location at unbeatable prices!

host family - staff accommodation provided during placement if paid hotel and catering work experience option chosen (ANGLO TRAINING)

Homestay Accommodation: Low - season (January - June, September - December)


Single room (B&B)

Single room (H/B)

Single room (F/B)

Twin room (B&B)

Twin room (H/B)

Twin room (F/B)






















Homestay Accommodation: High - season (July - August)


Single room (B&B)

Single room (H/B)

Single room (F/B)

Twin room (B&B)

Twin room (H/B)

Twin room (F/B)






















Residential Accomodation London only

Twin Bromley Residence:
Single Room en-suite, Self Catering: L125/wk

Twin Forest Gate Residence:         NB: Bedding,cutlery and
Single Room, Self Catering: L85/wk   crocery not included

You can have it on your own country or ask for one option provided by our partner:

Period up to

8 days

16 days

22 days

31 days

6 weeks







Period up to

2 months

3 months

4 months

5 months

6 months







Period up to

7 months

8 months

9 -12 months





1. Online Application.

2. Schedule Interview's date

3. Specify the programme option,medical insurance, accommodation and airport transfere options

4. Complete/send the Booking Form

5. Conciliation contract signed and programme taxe paid at least 3 weeks before the starting date.

6. Receive you Enrollment Certificate(course+anglo training enrollment) and all the documents required for course starting.

7. Travel to UK

Work Experience Programmes offer:

  • Applicants interview + attending programme test /test results.
  • Dates proccesing (booking form, application form, CV)
  • Sending documents to our applicants
  • Work Experience assistance/conciliation
  • General assistance from our partner
  • Info materials

Program fee PEP

The program fee is 995 GBP for the entire period of the contract.

To apply FREE in Work Experience UK program all you have to do is to build your online CV directly in our date base. A Work Experience authorized person will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

For more details or if you have any question, don't hesitate to contact Work Experience staff


Job Fair for river cruises placements!

Travel around Europe on luxury river cruise ships with Work Experience. We are organizing interviews directly with the employer in the first week of April.


Job Fair for hotel industry in Greece!

Are you student or non student willing to spend a wonderful summer in Greece? We bring the employers to you in 27 of February at Bucharest. Immediate placements!


Work and Travel

Are you currently University or Master student? Do you want to reach the "American Dream"? Choose the best summer job today!

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Academic Year

Are currently High School student? Spend wih Work Experience one high school year exchange abroad.

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Career Training

Begin your career in America! See the American system from inside with up to 18 months of placements.

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H2-B Program

Work legally up to 10 months with the H2-B working visa. You can apply even you are not student.

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Teaching in USA

Now you can practice in the American educational system.! Be a teacher for up to three yers contracts.

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Au Pair

If you love childrens you can become a part of American families. Work Experience has great families for you.


Live and study in UK. Work Experience provides accredited English courses followed by hospitality placements.

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Work in the UK medical system like a dentist. Great opportunity: salary up to 60.000 GBP.

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Au Pair UK

Be a baby sitter in UK. Learn English and benefit from UK labor market opportunity. Immediate placements !

Work and Travel in Greece

Spend your vacation on beautiful Greek islands. No matter what grades and type of study you have.

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Work Experience

Work opportunity for non students. The previous work experience is an advantage but not necessary.

Work Experience Norway

Great opportunites to work in Norway in industry, offshore, construction, shipping, enginering, medical, etc

Work Experience Italy

Work in Italy industry, construction, agriculture, ihospitality, medical field.

Work Experience Cyprus

Jobs in Cyprus construction, transport, engineering, hospitality, entertainment!

Work Experience Czech Rep.

Jobs in IT industry. Work today for IBM. Work experience has placements for IT engineers, programmers, etc.

Work Experience Ireland

Work in Ireland! Work Experience has placements in IT, construction, hospitality, medical fileds.

Work Experience Cruise Lines

Work and Travel around the World! Work Experience offers placements for both ocean and river cruises.